Our Facilities

At La Mirada Watch-Tower, we strive to provide the comfort and luxury of a spa resort while providing the highest quality detoxification and rehabilitation treatments. Some of our amenities include:

  1. Luxury suites

Each patient receives his or her own private suite, equipped with a large flat-screen television, king-sized bed, and private full bathroom.

  1. Onsite gym

We have a fully equipped gym with personal trainers and group classes available to help patients meet and maintain their fitness goals. We believe exercise is a fundamental part of detoxification, and have several workout programs and classes designed for gentle workouts to produce the maximum amount of sweat to detox.

  1. Pools and sauna

Along with our gym, we have two heated pools, indoor and outdoor. They are both for exercise and recreational use, with roped off areas for lap exercises. Our pool house includes separate saunas for men and women, and is also highly recommended during the detox process to draw out toxins, relax muscles and soothe anxiety,

  1. Activities

La Mirada offers a variety of therapeutic activities, including hikes, basket weaving, cooking, sewing, cake decorating, creative writing, yoga, guided meditation, movie nights, and more. The goal is to provide entertainment while fostering and finding healthy hobbies that can be continued outside of treatment as part of recovery.